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How To Wake Up From Your Fevered Dream. Chapter Six

How To Wake Up From Your Fevered Dream Chapter six

Or How To Do Lucid Dreaming.
"It was a Strange Dream about us, we were walking hand in hand, we were talking, we were laughing, in that beautiful wonderland".Lyrics from" Strange Dream" by Mike Selley.

If you have followed what has been written so far,and accept that you are a product of your own accepted programme,you might be feeling a little angry.

I know I was when I really did realize that I was little more than a conditioned response to stimulus,and little more than a programmed robot.

I wanted to change that.I no longer wanted to be in the prison of my imagination.

Deep down I knew that there had to be a better way of life.

What sort of life is it when you spend your time worrying about a non-existent future,or worry about something you have done or said in the past?

Is it a happy one?
No, not at all.
It is like life is just one long endless stream of anxieties,whether it is money,health,your job,lack of job,your children, parents, or the sorrowful state of the World.Non-stop.
What do we want?
Aristotle said, above everything else,we all want happiness.
We think we will be happy with the new T.V.or new home.Yet, when we manage to get these things,we find that we are still not happy.
What can be done?

To change what you perceive as outside,you firstly have to change what is inside.

If you want to change what you see in the mirror,you must firstly change your movements so the mirror(the perceived outside) reflects this.

Remember, it is all a dream- a persistent illusion made up by your mind.
But you (the real you, not the fictional one) have got to take back control of your ship,and steer
 it into the port of happiness,although you have never really left that safe harbour.
Only then will you start living as you are meant to live.

What you have to do is exactly the same as when you have lucid dreams.

Lucid dreams when you are dreaming with your eyes shut.

Lucid dreaming is probably one of the most entertaining activities known.

Lucid dreaming is when you become aware that you are in a dream,and with that awareness is the fantastic realization that you can make whatever you want happen in your dream.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to practice lucid dreaming,and I can tell you,it is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.

If you are not sure exactly what this is, here is a brief explanation.
It is simply a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming.In this dream(when you are aware) you can make anything happen that you want to happen.

This is 'real' and has been researched scientifically,and proven to be absolutely true.

How do you achieve this wonderful state?

When I first read about this, many years ago,I thought it would be very difficult,and that you had to be very advanced spiritually to do this.
How wrong I was.
A week later I was having lucid dreams every night!They were astonishing.

One I remember very well was when I created a forest, a lake, a huge mountain,and a beautiful red rose that I made grow and bloom right in front of my eyes! I then flew high in the sky.

My perception of these dreams was more vivid,had more clarity,than my every day waking experiences.
I think I was lucky to achieve this after such a short time, but a number of people have managed to do this, after short periods  of time. Some people might take longer- just persevere until you can do it.

I suspect that the reasons my lucid dreaming came so quickly,after I had heard about it,was because, at that time, I  was immersed in books about the unreal state we all live in,and it was, more or less, all I was thinking about at the time.

I am sure that there are a lot of different methods to enter this state, but what I did was the following.

1. Throughout the day I reminded myself that this 'reality' is really a dream.

2.  I said to myself repeatedly throughout the day that tonight I am going to have lucid dreams.

3. Before falling asleep I kept telling myself that I was going to have lucid dreams.

This is all I did for about a week.
Nothing happened at all for the first few days, but on the sixth night I was suddenly aware that I was dreaming.Unfortunately, I got so exited that I woke up.The same thing happened the next night.
However, on the third night, I managed to keep myself calm when I realized that I was having a lucid dream.

I do suggest that you give this a try,as it prepares you to take control of your everyday life.

Think of it;if you can control your eyes shut dreams, you can control your eyes wide open dreams.

One aspect of it is, you can solve problems with lucid dreaming.
For example,if you have a fear about something, in the dream you face up to your fear.
If, for example, you are scared of going in lifts or planes,you can arrange a dream where you travel in a lift or a plane,and thoroughly enjoy it.You will then find,in your eyes wide open dream that your fear has left you.

It is an extremely powerful healing tool.

While you are preparing  yourself for lucid dreaming, you will slowly, but surely start changing what is within you. 

So far there have been six chapters on "How To Wake Up From Your Fevered Dream," and, no doubt, some are muttering, well, how do you wake up from this illusion as so far this has not been revealed?Well, it will be, but these chapters are laying the carpet down for you to walk on ; a preparation, before you dive into the way to really wake up.The chapters from now on go into the actual methods on how to do this.
The next chapter will point the way.

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